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Dive into the exciting continuation of the Zombie Mission saga with its 13th installment, set in a unique and distinctive universe.

Our brave protagonists encounter a mysterious book that transports them into a fantastical fairy-tale landscape. This is where your role begins: you guide our heroes on a perilous journey to rescue the princess from the clutches of evil forces. Your mission is to ensure her safe return to her anxiously waiting for the prince and restore balance by reverting the world to its normal state.

As you traverse this enchanting world, prepare yourself for many extraordinary items, diverse vehicles, and fascinating game mechanics that will enrich your gameplay experience. Undertake daring tasks like saving hostages, engaging in thrilling boss battles, and gathering daily rewards. These activities amplify the excitement and facilitate the accumulation of in-game coins, essential for purchasing necessary enhancements and equipment in the Shop.

The control interface for PLAYER 1 involves using the keys W, A, S, and D for movement. To execute a regular hit, press C; for a more powerful hit, hold and release the same key. The V key is used for launching grenades, while X is for reloading your weapon. W also allows you to jump, with additional abilities to walk on walls and swim upward. To switch between weapons, use Q and E. These keys also enable a special attack when the bar is filled up completely.

For PLAYER 2, the ARROW KEYS are employed for movement, while L is used for regular and more powerful hits. Familiarize yourself with the controls and brace for an unforgettable journey filled with relentless action, formidable foes, and an overarching mission to keep you on the edge of your seat. The fate of the fairy-tale world hangs in the balance, and only you can tilt it towards a happy ending. This is not just a game; it's an adventure, an exploration, a test of courage and resilience. Welcome to Zombie Mission 13.

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This Zombie Mission 13 have been played 135 time and receive 0 votes, this Zombie Mission 13 was released on category Action games and can play more related Action games such as Mine Shooter , Huggy In Squid Game, Kissy Wissy Missy, TRZ Battleship, Obstacle Cross Drive Simulator, Haunted city, Operation Desert Road, Shark Ships, Real Bus Simulator 3D, Wake up Buddy, on newcrazygames. Release Date: 30 May 2023

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battle, war, adventure, 2playergames, zombie, 2player

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