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Category : Action
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Dotto Botto is a classic platformer game. Help Dotto to find his method home and attempt to beat all the levels! You will face deadly enemies, unusual creatures, and hideous obstacles on your way back home, so be careful! Features we start with 10 levels loaded with moving platforms, challenges, power-ups, spikes, enemies, and a lot more! (not so much more, in fact)2 game endings! yes, not 1 but 2 incredible. Colorful pixelated graphics monstrous Final Employer! 4 Various enemies dozens of traps and obstacles!

Dotto Botto Game Features:
Dashi is caught inside the whale shark, and you should help the Octonauts salvage her. Assisting with captaining Barnacles, Peso, and Kwazii to save Dashi is an exhilarating experience. You should drive the boat in the astronauts underwater world and arrive at the Whale Shark, defeating every one of the impediments that you'll find in your manner. To effectively end your experience, you should beat amusing games until you free dashi from the Whale Shark's midsection. Furthermore, you can play and win various games to finish the octonauts cards collection with 6 Gold Cards, 5 Silver Cards with every one of their vehicles, and 104 cards with all the ocean creatures. Enjoy the great adventure and arcade pixel style of the game!

Instruction :

MOBILE: Touch the buttons to move and jumpDESKTOPWASD to move and leap

This Dotto Botto have been played 737 time and receive 0 votes, this Dotto Botto was released on category Action games and can play more related Action games such as Doggy Vs Zombie, Animalon : Epic Monster Battle, Squid Squad Mission Revenge, Parkour Block 3, Mr Wick : One Bullet, Nugget Royale, Super Friday Night Squid Challenge, Pop It! Duel, Kissy Wissy Missy, De Loredo Fight, on newcrazygames. Release Date: 6 November 2021

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platform, 1, classic, 2d, crazy, html5games, touch, hard, 8b, platformer, 1player, amazing

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